Matrix 7 – Attunement

Matrix⑦ Is One Of The Most Powerful Morphic Fields That Fuels One Of The Most Powerful Energies 

Introduction By Michael

Why is 7 the most powerful and mystical number in the world? Why are the great pyramids in Egypt built with an angle of about 51 degrees on the outside? Why do mystery cults and religions use the number 7 throughout their teachings, symbolism, and literature? Why is Matrix 7 one of the most powerful Morphic Fields☀ that you can be attuned in?

Lets look more closely at the mystical number 7.

Through multiplication these numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 can be created, or can create each other. The number 7 cannot be created through multiplication or division, nor can it create any of the other numbers above. This fact makes 7 very mystical and interesting. Why is this? Go ahead. Think about. Try and find an answer to this puzzle.

The number 7 is more influential than most people think. We carry this number inside of us as a deep subconscious, spiritual truth. It’s influence is vast. The power it has over us is great.. 

It has formed the basis of entire belief systems. Example: Christians live for salvation by avoiding the 7 deadly sins; or the number Christians have given God: 777.

If billions of people respect this number, and carry a deep subconscious spiritual truth in them, the energy of Matrix 7 must be huge. You will be initiated into the divine energy of this mystical and powerful number 7.

So why is 7 the most powerful and mystical number in the world? Because it simply should not exist, but it does! Spiritually, 7 stands for being outside the wheel of karma, the life cycle, or, for some, the wheel of suffering. This life cycle is often symbolically shown through the number 22. We find the number 22 in Tarot (in the major Arcana) as well as in the Kabbalah Tree Of Life. In Numerology the 22 is also a symbol for a circle. But also in mathematics we know Pi, a formula to calculate a circle. When we look at the formula we see 22:7. 360 Degrees (circle) can not be divided by 7 evenly, like the numbers 1-9 can. 

Thus, 7 stands alone, outside of the life cycle, or reality. It stands outside of time and space, or universal laws. In fact it symbolizes creation itself, where all of reality is forged. It is the power of creation itself. It is the power of God that exists in a different dimension, but at the same time exists right now. Wow!

7 has great meaning for every culture and person on the planet. For example if you ask someone to pick a number between 1 and 10, the first number that pops into 99% of all people’s heads is 7. Try it out. Ask someone. If they pick 7 they will probably say they picked it because 7 is a lucky number.

There are many mystical reasons why 7 has become lucky. For now lets say people pick it because subconsciously 7 should not exist. The logical mind cannot understand it. At the same time, subconsciously, we all know there is something more to life, something that just does not fit. There is something hidden, something that connects all of us, could this be the 7?

The odd thing is that although the logical mind invented 7, it cannot understand it. It cannot explain it. It does not fit into the minds way of calculating. Although we use it in our math all the time, 7 simply does not belong to this reality. It cannot fit into the life cycle of 22. Yet it is always present right now. This leads us to ask if 7 has been given to us from God the source of being. Our mind thinks that it is in control, and has created the number 7. But it was not created through logic.

Lets just say 7 is Gods number. Did God give us the 7 to make a point? Or does 7 tell our minds that they are limited, and not in control? One thing is certain, our minds are not able to explain and experience God, or pure awareness, or the TRUE SELF, or whatever you want to call it, through logic.

It is all about experience. That is the point. Through models, which our minds create, it is impossible to logically understand pure awareness. It is not about understanding, or knowledge. It is about knowing, or experiencing. 7 points us to this divine experience. God lies outside the life cycle of reality. Pure awareness, or God can only be experienced when our minds have been silenced. 7 puts out the flame of logic.

It seems only natural that our minds fully understands the number 22, or Pi. Why? Because it is the life cycle that goes around and around forever, and we witness it every day. This is the circle of joy, but also of suffering. If there is something that logic keeps telling us, again and again, is that there is no end to suffering. That is why our minds fully accept suffering. To a mind of logic suffering makes perfect sense.

At the same time 7 is illogical to our minds. The true power and meaning of it is then pushed far down into our subconscious. Why? Because our minds know that 7 has the power to break the wheel of suffering, which threatens the minds control over us.

7 is a lucky number to people because they know, deep down inside, that to truly experience 7 is to find inner peace; to know yourself, to know God.

7 represents the great mystery, a different dimension, by just about every secret mystery cult and religion around the world. It is the most powerful occult number there is. Yes, 7 is a magical and mystical number.

It is said that to understand math is to understand the mind of God. Math is the language of God. And what is God trying to tell us though the number 7. Perhaps God wants to say: “pay attention to me! I have always been here with you, and I will never leave you. You are eternal, You are part of me!”

For this reason the Egyptians did not believe in death. Death was just a time of transformation, moving from one form into another. That is why the great pyramids of Egypt were built with an angle of about 51 degrees on the outside: 22:7, or Pi, or 360 degrees divided by 7 is 51…- we find here again the wheel of karma, and the 7 representing eternal awareness. 

Pyramids are portals to the 7th dimension. This is a dimension you can experience right now through the Matrix 7 initiation. Pyramids are pointing to the number 7 which symbolizes immortality.

When we look more closely at the number 7 we can come to the conclusion that the Morphic Field of 7 is one of the most powerful on earth. The reason for this is easily illustrated with some examples on the next page. 

7 has been used in religion, mysticism, literature, mathematics, art, and gambling forever. This number is so integrated into our societies, into our  collective subconscious, that it would be impossible to list every example in this document. There can be no greater Morphic Field than Matrix 7.

Thus, to be initiated into Matrix 7 is to connect to the Morphic Field of 7 that helps you connect to your TRUE SELF, the pure awareness that you truly are. You will return to the source, and find inner-peace. At the same time, you will bring this peace to the earth, you will live in peace, and spread peace. You will become part of a powerful Morphic Field that has protected our civilization since the beginning of time. Matrix 7 will help you break the wheel of karma once and for all when you want it to. Through it you will take care of all of your problems by simply letting go of the wheel, and finding a blissful place of peace within, and without. Yes, 7 will be awoken in you once more. It will rise up within you to become the most important thing in your life.

Here Are A Few Of The Endless Examples :

  • The numeral seven is considered the most mystical of all numbers, because 360 Degrees (circle) can not be divided evenly by seven, like the numbers 1-9 can. The chart on the side illustrates:
  • Seven is the largest number of objects most people can remember. That is why there are often only 7 digits in our telephone numbers.
  • There are seven colors in the spectrum.
  • On the cellular level every 7th year we totally regenerate
  • There are seven notes in the musical scale. 
  • There are seven vowels in the Greek alphabet.
  • The seventh day after birth the umbilical cord falls off.
  • There are seven major chakras, or energy points, in the human body. 
  • In Christianity there are seven days of Creation, and God rested on and sanctified the seventh day. There are the Seven last words (or seven last sayings) of Jesus on the cross.
  • In Hinduism the Sanskrit word mans ‘sapta’ refers to number seven and there are the celestial group of seven stars named as ‘Sapta Rishi’ based on the seven great saints. Also according to Hinduism, there are seven worlds in the universe, seven seas in the world and seven Rishies (seven gurus) called sapta rishis
  • In Islam there are seven levels of Earth in Islamic tradition.
  • In Japan there are the Seven Lucky Gods. 
  • The Antahkarana symbol is created with three Sevens, which represent the 7 chakras, the 7 colors and the 7 sounds.

Here we want to stop with examples.

The energy of Matrix 7 is something special. Please understand that you are 7, and 7 is you, within and without. It is what you truly are. 7 is pure awareness, you are pure awareness. The most important thing to know in your life is that you are pure awareness. Without it you would simply be unaware of everything. Pure awareness is not your logical mind. It is important to experience your true nature as pure awareness. Experiencing it is the only way to know it. You exist both in this reality, and in the 7th dimension. Both exist right now.

Matrix 7 will help you to live in the present, to exist in the now. It will help you to stop living in the past or the future, which are products of the mind, and not from your awareness.

Indeed, you are pure awareness, not just a body and a mind. During your whole life your physical appearance has changed. Sure you have grown old, your mind has matured through experience, but if you are honest, through all of that change something has remained the same in you, right? That something is pure awareness, the essential you that is no different now than when you were a lot younger. You are awareness, which is the witness of your body and mind. Try and stop thinking for a bit, and you will understand that the real you is pure awareness. This awareness is aware of all that is you, even when you are not thinking.

The real you is the observer who has watched you change over the years, and is still watching now. Yet this awareness is unchanging. It is immortal. It is 7. It is the unchanging constant canvas which all of your experiences are painted on. Even when you pass into dreams, awareness is watching, unchanged. You are awareness within which the body comes and goes, you are not a body where consciousness comes and goes. Awareness is always there. The real you never sleeps. It is always awake and watching the show called life.

An Attunement in the Morphic Field of the Mystical Number 7

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